Wood Doors

Wood doors represent antiquity and archaic flair, as well as great taste on the part of the owner. They are extracted from teak, mahogany and oak, which is pliant enough for stylistic customizations and yet strong enough to weather any storm. Wood doors customizations mainly depend on panel designing, so it’s extremely important to synchronize every detail and etching in every panel. Wood for doors in Indiais mainly selected from the best matured trunks, and treated to careful chemical processing to ensure tremendous longevity. Clients could look through different qualities to select the best solid wood doors interior, which would take on adequate sheen and gloss when varnished, providing style with reassuring comfort.

The best wood is mostly taken from shaal, shishu, garjan and even shishu, which also make for great-looking wooden interior doors. These doors allow a great degree of flexibility regarding designing, angular paneling and even lattice and shutter-work, making them great choices for glass wooden doors. Wood doors exterior with glass also allow a bold, interesting design element – allowing the room to be airy and extremely spacious. Depending on requests for individual customization, the finishing on interior wood doors can also be altered with superior gloss and varnish work.

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