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Gone are the days when you had to drive to a cinema theater to enjoy a great movie experience, now is the time to get a theater at home! Yes, you heard it right, a home theater, yes it is!

When it comes to exclusive home entertainment, a home theater system surpasses any other option lately. Tagged as the new ‘must have’, a home theater is indeed a trend people are fast adapting to. Home theater designs comprise of two components, audio and visual, well you could own one of these but a real fanatic would want to have both for utmost entertainment. But it all boils down to your preference and budgets. You must also understand the various kinds of home theater screens for making the right pick while buying. Permanent, portable, manual pull down, and electric are some of the screen choices for home theater aficionados. In an attempt to replicate the theater experience at home, people are fast moving towards installing comprehensive home theaters. The most significant video projectors are CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal display), Liquid crystal on Silicon (LCoS) and DLP (digital light processing).

As compared to the normal TVs that are available, a home theater immerses you into a theater experience. Two predominant characteristics that make them different are the sound experience, and large, clear pictures. Some more important components required besides a large screen are audio video inputs, preamplifier, surround sound decoder, power amplifiers, and outputs for speakers, and television. Get the celluloid life live to your house!

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