Doors & Window Handles

Choosing the right doors and windows handle can mean a lot in increasing their accessibility and functionality, as well as their style quotient. For door handles in India, the usual and most popular choices are brass, iron and even wood. Doors handles for indoors are usually more ornate, and can feature intricate relief and design work, as they are less-used than outdoor door handles. Similarly, doors handles and knobs and knockers for external doors are sturdier, and generally have coatings which make them weather-resistant. Customers also look to enhance their façade, and especially their external doors with safety features like click-locks, manual locking systems and even ornate latch-installations.

Doors handle locks are available wherever establishments sell door handles in Delhi, like Kirti Nagar and Chawri Bazaar.Apart from the choice of materials in doors handles and hinges, customers also can choose from an exhaustive array of styles available. This includes plain curves and bold, smooth English-styled lines, or American-styled angular cuts, or even Indian patterns and etches. Door handles and hinges should ideally be easily-installable and easily detachable, and the coating should be rust-and-corrosion resistant. In India, Aligarh is considered to be the hardware capital, and door handles in Aligarh are available in all price ranges, styles and materials, notably in the station Road Area.

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