Fire Extinguisher

Choosing the right kitchen fire extinguisher is indeed a difficult task but it is not impossible. All the kitchens are not made the same way and thus the fire extinguishers that work for your friend might not help you. Basically there are four types of fire extinguishers, each of which helps in putting out a particular kind of fire. The type A kitchen fire extinguisher is good against combustible materials. Type B fire extinguishers are meant for flammable liquids, oil, paint and other stuff. Type C kitchen fire extinguisher deals with fire caused by electrical equipments and lastly, type D deals with chemical based fires.

Hence, you can go for any kitchen fire extinguisher from any fire extinguisher manufacturer but you should make sure that you get the right kind. The best thing about fire extinguishers is the fact that there are quite a few fire extinguisher manufacturers or fire extinguisher companies and thus you always get good products. Apart from these, make sure that you refill fire extinguisher once it had been used. To be on the safe side you may even install a smoke alarm in the kitchen. This way you would always be able to avoid fire hazards.

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