Room Partition System

If carpet area is found scarce, interior room dividers provide an excellent option for people who want to create individual spaces within their house. Lightweight and easily reusable, these interior room dividers are cheaper than installing permanent dividers and can be replaced as necessary. Commercial room dividers could also be used to bring a certain contrast in appearance inside the room, and are available in multiple colors, paneling and frame options.Modular commercial room dividers also come with the added advantage of being good storage units located right in the walls, thereby allowing the user to save on storage space. Made usually from PVC, Veneer, Hardwood (like Burmese teak, Sal or Shishu) or even hard-ply, these partitions could be plain-colored, varnished or even paneled.

In case of Indoor and outdoor privacy screens, the material of choice is usually PVC, as they could be moved and repositioned anywhere in very short notice.Screens paneled with tinted or acrylic glass, Jalousie panels or tinted blocks can actually enhance the beauty of the room, giving it an artistic flair and touch. Depending on the room, innovative room divider ideas would help clients customize the divider with graphics, stick-on paints and patterns and even interesting decals like glow-in-the-dark designs, logos or even superman logos!

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