Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows can greatly enhance the exterior look of a house, and is also great for bedrooms and kitchens. As the individual panes of the bay and bow windows open completely outwards, they don’t tend to obstruct natural sunlight, and allow the house-owner to save on hefty electricity bills. Usually based on wooden or Vinyl frames, bay and bow windows was actually a facet of European and American coastal towns before they were assimilated in the colonial architectural style. Bay and bow windows often come with interesting segments for muntings, grids and bars, providing support and intricacy to the window. House-owners can also use combinations of tinted glass on the windows to create unique effects.

Bay and bow windows are usually easy to install and maintain, because they feature regular latch-locking systems and hinges that open in one way. Usually, as these windows open outwards, ornate metal knobs and pushing-pedals are more popular accessories than handles and grips. House owners can search up websites like Andersen windows and Pella windows to look through various bay and bow windows pictures, and decide for themselves. However, if you have space to spare in front of the window-vent, then there’s nothing as classy and satisfying as the gentle breeze blowing across your face from a resplendent bay window!

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