Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are often the commonest of windows to be used in any building, and are probably the most versatile of them. Comprised of two vertically sliding sashes, these windows mostly sport aluminum, wood or plywood frames, keeping the overall weight of the windows extremely light yet sturdy. The overlapping sashes provide a good deal of support to each other, and many customers often opt for a full window screen to keep away excess brightness. Most double hung windows parts are the same as single hung window-parts, like latches, bolts and springs, and are easily replaced. This makes double hung windows great options for replacement windows, or even outward-windows, as there are no hinges that can jam and obstruct clear functioning.

Because of their minimalist basic design, almost the entire surface area is covered by continuous glass sheets that offer great visibility and brightness, even when the windows are closed. This makes them greatly energy efficient, apart from facilitating easy maintenance and cleaning.

Because of their relative length and spread, double or even triple-panel windows are great options for covering up large walls, and are usually preferred for lounges. Great options for double hung windows for sale are available online, including stylish vinyl and wood cases, which are extremely easy to install.

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