Picture &Transom Windows

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a room with a view, nothing sets off the room to more advantage than a set of clear, wide picture window. Usually offering an unobstructed view, these windows let in maximum amounts of sunlight and are extremely energy efficient. The picture windows are usually fixed windows by nature, and are so-called due to their appearance of almost ‘framing’ a picture. Usually, the picture windows are without grids or separating muntins, and consist of a single stretch of glass-pane. Without externally-visible joints or hinges, these windows are easily cleaned from one side, and their continuous framing hardly leaves any unsupported joint. The picture window traditionally come without glazing bars, and are therefore fit only for external placements in the visible section of the house.

The transom windows, traditionally, are placed over the doors to allow maximum ventilation and daylight in the room. Having transom windows reduces the cost of in-room ventilation ducts, and depending on the external or internal doors, the transom windows are fixed or hinged respectively. Picture and Transom Vinyl windows, made of high-quality PVC thermal resistant materials, require low maintenance, and provide superior frame-support to your window. Added to these, the high recyclability of picture transom windows makes them a must-have for any room!

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