Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are usually extremely versatile, being able to fit single or dual glass panels with ease. These are also easy to clean and install, making them the ideal options for use as replacement windows. However, their most visible advantage is the amount of light they can let in, allowing the customer to save huge amounts in energy bills. Sliding windows in India are especially suitable as they take full advantage of longer hours of daylight, making them extremely energy efficient.

For sliding windows, customers prefer 2 lite single sliding windows for smaller walls, or anterior-facing walls in the house. Stylish and extremely contemporary-looking, these windows have easy pulling-in features and are available in exciting vinyl coats. The 2 lite sliding window pivots around a single sash, and requires only one locking spring-mechanism to hold it together.

However, for house façades, or if clients have bigger walls and want to capitalize fully on longer daylight, 3 lite sliding windows are better options. They are more expansive, and as these come with two fully movable sashes and can overlap and slide on either sides, they make your walls truly stylish and offers your room a killer view! Easily available online, tinted glasses or multiple-glass panels on these windows would surely transform your room!

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