While building your house, the primary architecture design serves as a guiding blueprint for the structure. Each section of these architecture designs consist of several architectural designs for each portion of the building/establishment, and is extremely crucial, because based on these designs, the engineers lay house plans. Be it a commercial or a residential architectural design, these are also extremely important documents that is needed to secure sanitation, residential/commercial/ fire-safety and lease permits. The design allows the architect, or the engineer to ascertain the amount/ type and nature of building materials needed for a particular establishment. It also indicates the stability of the structure, and serves as an important base for future property layouts, electrical wiring layouts, plumbing designs, sanitation channeling and ventilation designs.

The whole architectural design serves as a platform for individual floor-plans, on which future adjustments could easily take place. Nowadays, architects are targeting maximum recyclability of house-building materials, while trying to conserve natural energy in their plans. These houses are built according to eco-friendly, green architectural design, which maximizes the utility of natural heating, lighting and ventilation. Apart from saving on energy taxes, these houses are also help conserve natural resources and utilize them, like rainwater-harvesting and solar-paneling installations.

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