Every modern architect knows the importance of graphically-rendered architecture models, that is, drawing for architecture. These drawings in architecture help an architect to decide the base sketch of a building, and to build scales for exact measurement. To draw architecture models, an architect first needs to sit with the client and ascertain his exact needs. Often, architects have assignments for uncommon architectural designs, and need to know the exact representation of these elements on paper. Architectural drawings help the client put his thoughts on paper, as well as the architect concerned in providing a base where changes could be incorporated on a base level. Architectural drawings for buildings usually go through several phases, with the first being a rough sketch and the final phase being the exact scaled-measurements. Often, architects would also use 3D representations for architectural drawings, as these graphically generated models allow three-dimensional view from every angle.

Most architectural drawing software suites have a 360-degree virtual rotation tool, which also allows the designer/architect to study particular designs from various angles. This is most important when planning extensions for existing structures, as the drawings could then be used to plan further constructions. Every architect/firm, thus, places tremendous importance in these graphical representations.

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