Urban Planing

In an urban environment, where space is of a premium, proper urban planning and architecture designs are of paramount importance today. Today, residential properties, as well as commercial properties like hospital complexes, malls, schools and entertainment complexes use optimal urban planning methods to ensure structural security, safety and energy-efficiency. With the urban planning architectural mantra of today being maximum utility out of minimum available space, architects today are evolving new urban planning and design ideas to rely on reduced space. With dwindling floor area, today’s buildings are more interconnected and energy-efficient, relying on modular furniture-placement, utility floors and mezzanine-sections.

New-age urban planning and design elements are also extremely important for planning security installations like smoke alarm sensors, fire detectors, concealed staircase-access and strategic casements. Proper urban planning is not always about utility and efficiency only, and despite limited space, many architects have been creating structures that command aesthetic beauty. Architects like Dulal Mukherjee and associates have been experimenting with substitutes for concrete, including PVC, Steel and Aluminum to give the structure an extra sheen and appeal. Reducing concrete usage also makes the buildings more environmentally safe and secure, helps reduce carbon footprints and makes the structure easy to dismantle and modify at any later date.

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