A bathroom is a significant place in our daily life and the trend to renovate and modernize the toilet is increasing day by day. There are many new and modern accessories available in the market that makes any toilet perfect and comfortable.

A bathroom should have sufficient area to accommodate a lavatory, a water closet and a bathtub or shower. Arrangements should be made for fixture and permit at least 90 degree door swing unless sliding doors are used.

The bathroom should be handy and convenient to the bedroom zone and accessible from the living and work areas. Linen storage should be accessible from the bathroom but not necessarily situated inside the bathroom.

Each completed bathroom should be provided with the following;

  • Grab bar and soap dish at bathtub
  • Toilet paper holder at water closet
  • Soap dish at lavatory
  • Towel bar
  • Mirror and medicine cabinet or equivalent enclosed shelf space
  • In cases where shower head is installed, provide a shower rod or shower door.

There are many things you can do except the bathroom suite to repair and renovate a toilet. The lighting in the bathroom is very important aspect to consider. The soft and natural lighting conditions are considered perfect. The natural lights provide some comfort and relief to the toilet user. The flooring should also be natural and you should prefer ceramic bathroom tiles or laminated wood tiles for flooring. The walls of the toilet should be enclosed with soothing colored ceramic tiles. The ceramic tiles will make the bathing experience more soothing and the toilet will look immaculate despite extensive usage of the toilet.

When choosing bathroom sanitary ware, one has to be extra careful because they should not just be pleasant to look but also be sensible to use. A little technical knowledge while choosing bathroom sanitary ware always helps. Though you may lay more significance on the design and the color of the sanitary ware, other things like ease of cleaning, resistance to breaking, ease of fixing should also be measured. Some of these factors are:

Bathroom Sanitary

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Ease of Cleaning

The one important factor that needs to be considered while buying sanitary ware is the amount of cleaning required to maintain them.

Resistant to Deformities

The strength and design are two major factors that you have to take into consideration while choosing bathroom sanitary ware. Bathroom basins and toilet bowls should not just be scoring high on the design but should also be sturdy enough to endure chipping and breaking.

Bathroom Sanitary

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