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The finish flooring is the final wearing surface which is applied over the subfloor. The selection of the flooring material for a particular area depends on the following factors- initial cost, maintenance and durability, damp-resistance, sound and thermal insulation, smoothness and hardness, comfort criteria, color and texture.


  • Brick flooring may be done with bricks laid flat, or an edge and in various patterns. This type of flooring is more suitable for areas where heavy articles are to be stored like warehouses, godowns etc.
  • Marbleflooring, A marble or other type of stone tile floor is a subtle  addition to any room, and the installation process is not as difficult as one might expect. True marble is a relatively hard, metamorphic form of limestone. It comes in a broad range of colors, but usually is white or off-white. Marble often is subtly streaked with gray, brown, pink or other colors, and then is sometimes called statuary marble.
  • Italianflooring, similar to the situation for Italian doors, there is an interest in conserving antique floors, in particular the terracotta floors that are found in old villas or farmhouses in Tuscany.These original terracotta Italian floors were handmade and thus the tiles tend to be irregular in shape and color. They may show signs of age like chips or stains are considered an attribute rather than a fault. Depending on the clays that were used to manufacture them, their colors vary from pale yellow to salmon pink, from the various multi shaded colors.
  • Wood flooring consists of solid or engineered wood products and is available in strip, plank and parquet flooring. All wood floors require regular maintenance to maintain their appearance.
  • Resilient flooring materials are dense, non absorbent, economical, durable and easy to maintain. Depending on the degree of resilience it prevents permanent indentation and enhances foot comfort. Some of the resilient flooring materials are cork tile, rubber tile, vinyl tile, vinyl sheet etc. it includes vinyl flooring, rubber flooring which includes laminated flooring, linoleum, leather tile, cork tile.
  • Stone flooring is a hard, durable and wear resistant floor surface and it could be used in workshops, godowns etc. It is easy in construction , service and maintenance. Common stone finishes are polished, honed and thermal.
  • Ceramic tile flooring is made from either natural clay or porcelain and is glazed or unglazed. The categories include porcelain tiles, natural clay tiles, glazed tiles and unglazed tiles.
  • Terrazo is a marble aggregate concrete that is cast in place or precast and ground smooth. It is used as a decorative surfacing on floors and walls.


Types of Flooring Gallery


Carpets can be laid over an existing floor or over a subfloor with an underlayement pad. The carpet fibers are made up of any of the following materials:-

  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Olefin
  • Cotton

Carpet tiles are modular pieces of carpets, which are installed with adhesives. They offer the following advantages:-

  • They can be easily cut to any odd shapes with minimum wastage.
  • Individual tiles can be replaced if worn or damaged
  • Carpet tiles can be moved easily and reused.


Types of Carpets Gallery

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