Wooden doors instill utmost importance in house decor since they are used in the interior and in the exterior as well. Since, exterior doors have to be quite resilient, weather resistant, and powerful exterior wooden doors are commonly opted for by the consumers. With a mere installation of a heavy, strong, and high-quality wooden door in the entrance, the front beauty, When you purchase an exterior wooden door, you have more anxiety than just how much to spend on the door; one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is your selection of wood door designs. If you are a person of simple values, your doors will be insightful of that love of minimalism. On the other hand, if extravagance is your middle name, then the main theme of your doors will deal with elaborateness. Rather than a basic design, you will choose your preferred style from a collection of designs. However, it is strongly suggested never to invest your money on cheap wooden doors, as they would not be worth any good value and thereby the performance would be poor as well.

Main Door Designs



Here are some of the advantages of using steel doors in your home.
Steel is one of the strongest materials that you can use for security. When you reinforce it with durable hardware, it may be almost impossible to penetrate. Criminals may place dents in it, but they cannot break it. This can afford a lot of relieve, knowing that everything in your house is safe and protected When you choose steel doors, you have definite advantages over fiberglass and wood. It lasts for many years and is very strong. You can have increased home security and do your part for the environment.



Doors are classified into the following types based on type of material used, arrangement of different components of the door, method of construction and nature of working operations.

Based on the arrangement of components doors are classified as Based on the method of construction doors are classified as Based on working operations doors are classified as
  • Battened and ledged doors,
  • battened, ledged and braced doors
  • Battened, ledged and framed doors
  • Battened, ledged, braced and framed doors
  • Framed and paneled doors
  • Glazed or sash doors
  • Flush doors
  • Louvered doors
  • Wire gauged doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Swing doors
  • Collapsible steel doors
  • Rolling steel shutter door

The purpose of a door is to give occupants of a space privacy and security by regulating access. For this reason doors are equipped with a variety of fittings ranging from simple latches to locks. Doors are designed to make it possible for us to enter and exit a building.

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