The doors have a substantial role in reflecting and enhancing the overall beauty of any house. Elegantly designed wooden doors or even simple wooden exterior doors add a beautiful touch to the look of a small bungalow or a sprawling mansion. Though glass or fiber doors have become popular in the offices, hotels or skyscrapers today, but they could never offer the same security, elegance and warmth as that of the wooden doors.

Wood exterior doors with glass crafted ingeniously in the French style or in the form of arches, robustly fitted with thick shatter proof float glass/ heat & sound insulated glass could prove to be eye catching for your front entrance. These doors are available engraved with beautiful wooden flowers, birds and animals, Indian or Victorian traditional designs and with a vast array of antique & exquisite patterns. You can also select this wooden exterior door for the interior of the house with little variance in the style, carvings, pattern or shape.

Most of these wood exterior doors come with brass or steel stud bordering, making the doors very resilient and robust and providing an extra sense of security. Teak, Maple, Oak, Mahogany and rose wood having incomparable wood texture, durability and resistive to termite attack are the finest hardwood used to make these doors. These wooden doors will not only enhance the exquisiteness of your house but also add a sense of warmth and artistic effect to your house environment.

The modern technology enriched and engineered wooden doors are processed in  a number of stages via chemicals and technological process of steaming, and coalescing which make them highly durable, strong and resistant to abrasion, so they can endure all kind of environmental extremities. Polishing or coating these doors with natural veneer, polyurethane varnish or alkyd varnish can make your wooden exterior doors 100% waterproof, weatherproof and borer, fungus and termite free. Waxing and polishing using steel wool, pumice, rotten stone or French polish make these wooden doors glossy and provide a shiny and smooth finish. With latest wood matting technology, you can avail the beautiful wooden mats, which can be used for carpeting. These wooden doors & mats require no maintenance and are available well within the budget.


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