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An open space that you can deck up as much as you like, for relaxing times, a terrace is an open retreat. It could also be a getaway from the regular walls and doors of your house. So design it right. A terrace garden is a great idea for family get together and chit chats. They can be substitutes for a living room and make life look ‘wow’, at the end of a tiring day or even in rains. A terrace garden is a haven where the outdoor space looks more functional and comfortable.

A great seating area on your terrace garden could be a great way to accentuate it further. You can install and design your terrace including curved rails, boxy terraces, shapes and masses, volume and interest. You can add masses like geometrics, natural or multi dimensional forms. Metalwork also works great for your terrace’ aesthetics. Sculptures with transparent and open design look cool as well as arty. Patio edges, simple benches formed with linear wood, diamond pattern lattice are also some more design ideas for your terrace.
On the other hand, some embellishments like shadows and lights also look classy if done well for your terrace. Another in trend artwork that works well for those having a designer’s eye is the leaf style artwork formed of cardboard toilet paper tubes. If you want it the archaic way, a terrace design that is a chart buster is a lawn with ground cover, flowering shrubs and specimen tree, while a checkerboard style installation is also a fabulous choice.

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