Glass Flooring

Glass flooring is mainly meant for an office. These would look funny if used at home. Glass Flooring is generally put to use to impart more brightness to the working place. The glass mosaics (as they are often referred to as) have a crystal look and thus never fail to grab the attention of the people or the visitors. Earlier, these glass flooring were far beyond the reach of the commoners but over the years, they have become far easily available. Structural glass flooring was never in the list of flooring options until recently. People had never imagined even in their wildest dreams that glass would become one of the most intriguing flooring options in the near future. One can even go green and get recycled glass flooring done at his workplace. It is to be noted, that forging panels from scratch consumes a lot of fossil fuel than crafting panels for recycled glass flooring. Few may not know, but glass flooring is available in varied colour options and textures. Hence, always go for the right combination which according to you would make your office look good. Lastly, one should always go for scratch resistant durable glass tiles and not the ones which are made up of frail materials.

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  • Glass flooring
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