The themes, designs and motifs of your interiors depend a great deal on the furniture design within the room. It is the furniture design and strategic placement that, in essence, gives a room the vibes of a public, a comfort or a personal space. With the increase in awareness of the average Indian home buyer, and the exposure to foreign brands and interior ideas, the furniture market has undergone a radical change.1

Traditional furniture markets, dealing with furniture design and construction are now offering unique motifs, theme-based furniture and a plethora of styles at attractive furniture prices. Furniture design and construction in India now integrates the wood-based British colonial style, the French lowland-designs of lattice-work and inlays, as well as traditional Indian wood and metalwork. Furniture design in India is a poignant balance between space-saving, utilitarian furniture that brings fluid design and convenience to personal rooms, and opulent, heavy luxury furniture. Within this section, Furniture design for Indian homes could be either traditional, (Mughal, Rajput and faux-colonial wood designs and brass/copperwork), or western. Most companies offering furniture designs in India with price catalogues, like Urbano, Zuari and Herman-Miller, offer luxuriant furniture at Indian prices, for price-sensitive markets. These include premium sitting room furniture, lounge furniture, bedroom furniture as well as unique interior décor solutions.

In fact, today, more and more Indian families are leaning towards furniture companies to design their interiors, blending furniture contractors as well as designers in one service. One of the prime examples of this in the Indian markets, today, is Godrej Interio. The Godrej brand offers planning and consultation, as well as the designs for new-age international furniture; designs that are easy-to-maintain, sleek and easily serviceable.

Today, cosmopolitan global furniture are a rage all over the world. With the socially mobile families in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon today being aware of global trends and want only the bets for their interiors, furniture design in Delhi has taken a significant leap. Apart from the furniture and interior retail supermarket like Hometown (a Future Group initiative) that stocks hundreds of well-known brands under one roof, furniture bazaars in Delhi are thriving. Interested buyers can take a look around the famous shopping districts in Delhi, and might land up cool deals in antique furniture, or funky furniture add-ons. Markets like Sarojini Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Paharganj and Lajpat Nagar are hotspots for good-quality western and fusion furniture. The Furniture market in Delhi offer a great bargain for buyers who could haggle their way into discounts, and you could get discounts on sturdy wood, wrought-iron and even cool plastic furniture. Suitable for both regular uses as well as for special occasions, these furniture designs offer modular utility to your room. With the advent of high-profile foreign brands, the Indian Furniture market has been forced to revise their prices, and up the ante on its designs and utility. For Indian buyers, this could only mean good news, as furniture contractors are vying for their attention with truly flattering designs, great prices and a jaw-dropping list of utilities.

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