Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture designs should ideally represent comfort, solace and peace, and this room more than any other, necessitates a particular color-and-texture palette for the furniture. Bedroom Furniture designs in India tend to prefer the more traditional, heavy furniture-centric approach, with heavy wood beds (of teak, sal, shishoo or mahogany), and drawers and cabinets of similar material. However, while this furniture is enduring and extremely comfortable, they take up a lot of space. Bedroom furniture stores in India, today, advise a mishmash of traditional woodwork, as well as using plastic and metalwork to enhance modular utility. So, while wooden beds are still in rage, the beds themselves could house modular storage cabinets, or draw-beds, couches and even futons.

Bedrooms are increasingly going for the bedside-storage area approach too, which could support bed-lamps or reading lamps, as well as cabinets for storing books, small articles like medicines etc. Shiny metal is usually rejected in favor of wrought-iron or matte-finish metalwork, to reduce unnecessary reflective surfaces. Using low-polish steel or wrought-iron also makes bedroom furniture designs in India easy to assemble and dismantle, maintain and service. Some companies that offer new age interior-design concepts and bedroom furniture designs in Delhi are Zuari, Steelco, Durian and Inetrio.

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