Living Room furniture

Living room furniture designs in India have undergone numerous changes in keeping with traditional values, and international trends. Living room furniture dimensions vary in keeping with the nature, shape and carpet-area of the room, and living room furniture designs vary depending on these. The most popular living room furniture in India are either traditional, antique furniture based on woodwork or metalwork. However, these are feasible only in larger, airier rooms as they offer almost no modular utility. Living room furniture in Delhi, for example, are now gradually shifting towards sleek, modular lines that are minimalist and utilitarian in nature, like multi-utility metal (or wood) shelves, that double as racks. These offer great storage, take up less space and most importantly, make the living room brighter, roomier and more appealing to gatherings.

The most important furniture concept within the living room is the couch, and generally speaking, the sitting area. Hence, many now adopt the Japanese concept of Japanese Futon couches, that could be transformed into beds should a guest stay over. Living room furniture designs for free could also be had from websites of furniture brands, where you could check the latest international trends in furniture. IKEA, Herman-Miller and Urbano are some such brands that offer world-class living room furniture designs and prices.

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