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Office furniture design should not only reflect comfort, and a peaceful working environment, but it should also enhance productivity. Because of the high premium on commercial spaces, offices today use modular office furniture that combines workstations with storage spaces. So, corporate office furniture today can consist of computer tables with storage areas for peripherals (like modems, printers, scanners etc), files and papers. Office furniture design in India generally use lots of high-gloss, reflective surfaces to enhance the brightness of work areas. This is why offices use a lot of high-polish wood, steel, aluminum and glass, making the office furniture design easy to maintain and clean. Office furniture outlets in Delhi, for example, offer a great range of affordable office furniture that present great utility and unbeatable designs.

Corporate offices today often give bulk re-designing contracts to brands like Interio and Durian, who offer integrated office design solutions for individual workstations, canteen areas, conference areas etc. Indian table and desk manufacturers in India, based in furniture markets like Saket and Chandni Chowk, also offer a plethora of designs and ergonomically-viable office furniture ranges at great prices. These would undoubtedly attract small office and commercial–area setups, which would look to maximize utility within limited overheads and space.

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