While building your house, it might seem hassle-free to depend on your builder and accept whatever construction materials are being supplied. However, it’s always good investment to personally research the best constructions materials from multiple bricks suppliers, bazri and stone suppliers and hardware merchants for best rates. This way, you could also get a market overview of prevalent prices – and it might save you a lot of money too. Cement suppliers in India usually prefer brands like Lafarge, Durgapur Cement, Ambuja, Ultratech and ACC. However, these are slightly expensive, because of their quality. Cement suppliers in Delhi, based around the Daryaganj area, could also quote you local cement-brands that would undoubtedly be cheaper, but probably might not be as effective. For better structural integrity, only established brands with both ISI and ISO certifications should be chosen and used.

It would be prudent to personally supervise the choice of hardware and fittings, as faulty plumbing and defective pipes can easily weaken the construction. For pipes and tube fittings, the commonest brands are Sika, Seiko, Havells and Anchor. These bear the requisite certifications, and are preferred for their durability. Choosing the right brand, or the right brick suppliers and cement suppliers in India often depends on word-of-mouth, so get reviews from friends and peers too.


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