When you plan to divide rooms in your house, you should first know about architecture interior design. Partitions are a elegant way to create room separation without the extra expense of hiring a contractor to build walls. These partitions can also offer provisional solutions, where the configuration can be changed back to the way it originally was, at any time. You’ll first need to figure out what space needs to be divided.

Partitions are most often sustained by a structure’s overhead. Therefore, examine the ceiling to be sure it contains no obstructions where the partition will be. In some instances, you might need the advice of a professional designer.

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Types Of Partition On The Basis Of Material

  • Gypsum Partition:partition of 75 mm thick uses G.I. metal sections and Gypsum board on either side making electrical and networking cables to get concealed. Installation of this type is very fast and economical.
  • Laminated Partition: these partition are made using pre- laminated boards of aluminimium or hardwood frames which gives an aesthetic look and are maintenance free.
  • Veneer Partition: It is to be installed with aluminium or hardwood frames covered with ply boards and lined with veneer of various design on either side finished with melamine polish. This gives premium and luxurious surrounding.
  • Glass Partition: full glass partition using SS Patch fittings or hardwood frames is provided , which gives complete view of the office floor plate.
  • Modular Partition: shall be fixed metal or hardwood frames and covered with laminated or soft boards on either side of knock down type which shall be easily dismantled and re-fixed elsewhere.


Interior design partitions are often used as dividers to divide different living areas of a home, for privacy functions, or as decorative highlights in a room. Partitions are made from many different substances including wood, glass, fabric, and paper.

Partitions for Privacy

  • Partitions can be used to give a space a sense of privacy. A curtain or decorative screen can be used for a sleeping and dressing area to part it from a living area.


  • Styles can vary from contemporary to international. A screen can add a decorative flair and reflect a theme. A divider with an Asian design can set the theme for a room. A photo divider, similar to a collage picture, can make a statement sharing family memories.

Dividing for Purpose

  • Designating between work and living quarters can make a home more relaxing. If you are able to see your cluttered desk piled with work from your bed, it may be difficult to rest. A divider for this reason can be made by hinging wooden panels together and painting them in a preferred color with a special picture or design.

Hanging Screens

  • Old window screens and windows can make Partitions by hanging them from the ceiling with large chains. They can have pictures or designs painted on them.


  • Dividers with three to four sections can be very handy for changing a room's display and arrangement. Attaching casters to the dividers can make rearranging an easier chore.
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