Bathroom color trends: Necessity of today

By Ghar Builder


Bathroom color trends: Necessity of today

The interior living style has brought with it an era of experiments and bold choices. Previously, bathrooms were treated as the sanctuary, to calm your senses, but, today people prefer decorative and bright color bathrooms. The interior designers are also using modern techniques where you can wake up to a bright and cheerful mood in the morning.

Not the earlier bathrooms were devoid of colors, but they were more or less limited to the neutral color schemes of beige, taupe and predominantly subdued bathroom colors with tan tiles. The best part of the subtle bathroom color trends was their ability to gel with any interior color scheme. Today the palette calls for a wash space which doesn’t fall into the back ground of the home interiors but stands out with a distinct personality and theme..

Green is for delicacy

Try experiments, with the green color family. If, you want nothing in bold and but need a soft and beautiful bathroom, go for different ideas and select the delicate shades of the same color. Bring the beauty of nature in your bathroom with the colors of leaves, moss, sea weeds and rich forest. Incorporate pale green tiles for a neutral and timeless look. Green porcelain and glass tiles with quartz countertop can make a classy statement which no one can ignore. You can also replace your regular shower glass with sleek framed green glass. You can also create the look of sand and water with brilliant bathroom color ideas. Use aqua and other shades of blue complemented with slightly glossy undersea green. Balance the bathroom color with tan tiles to create a warm and crisp look.


A touch of accessory to your bathroom

For people who are fond of quick change focus more on the accessories. Introduce ‘wow’ factor with a bright towel, eye catching rug or other artifacts. You can change the accessories very frequently and can renew the look of your bathroom in a very modest budget. With the change in accessories, you can update your bathing space with every season. Try aqua blue and sea green for summers and earthy warm shades for winters


Effect of the colors

Most important factor in deciding the bathroom color trends should be the impact, color shades bring on your face. Ignore colors like shades of yellow which might bring a pale shadow on your face. Since, most of the skin tones possess a touch of pink; you can employ warm shades like rose and peach to make your face appear fresh and glowing in the mirror.

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