Bedroom Lighting Ideas Beyond The Designs Of The Fixtures

By Ghar Builder

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Beyond The Designs Of The Fixtures

Bedroom is your personal space, your sanctuary and hence calls for well thought of bedroom lighting ideas; ideas which can invoke the serene mood as well as be high on functionality. You can easily find a vast range of fixtures bringing an aesthetic value to your bedroom lights; here we have brought for you a few valuable tips to derive the maximum out of these fixtures in the show as well as function.

Decide your mood

Bedrooms in small houses serve multiple purposes thus select your bedroom light fitting accordingly. Computer table or reading nooks would call for direct lighting where as the sitting area would become cozy with a soft treatment and on the other hand the vanity space would get enhanced with brighter light, so decide beforehand to avoid inconvenience later.

Height it right

Your bedroom lighting ideas should be smartly conceived so as to place all the fixtures at an optimum height. Bedrooms usually have a snug ambience with 8-9 foot ceiling. Adjust the bedroom lights at the most advantageous level to support reading and dressing besides illuminating the entire room and reaching every corner at the same time.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Beyond The Designs Of The Fixtures

Scatter to locate well

In bedroom lighting ideas ‘more is really more’ thus employ various softer light sources to create a soft and diffused look instead of directly staring blaring lights. The directly looking or overhead lights create a stir up feel, certainly not befitting the place designed to sleep and relax.

Brilliant use of lighting fixtures

Leave it light

From the color of the walls to the color of your bedroom lamp shades try to stay on the lighter side. Darker colors absorb the light and the dark fixtures create an opaque look. Lighter shades enliven the room and help a great deal in creating a relaxed and calm ambience instead of the murky feel of dark colors

Power at your fingertips

The modern bedroom lighting is an amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality and convenience. For smart and convenience inspired bedroom lighting ideas, get lighting professional to install illumination arrangement with a remote. Believe me, it is a great luxury to have the controls at the tip of your fingers. It is certainly a very welcome feature when you are just about to doze and don’t feel like walking up to the switchboard to switch off the light. For the people going easy on the budget, you can wait till the feature comes in lesser price band and instead settle for bedside switches till then.

With a little creative bedroom lighting you can transform your simple and mundane bedroom to a classy place straight from the glossy interior decoration magazines.

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