Color and Lighting Tips To Remodel Your Living Room

By Ghar Builder


Living room can be one of the most noticeable areas of your home. It welcomes people into your home and thus, gives the first impression about your taste and the way you'd have done up the other rooms of your home.

Your living room reflects your style, taste and personality. However, if you think your living room doesn't appear exactly the way you'd want it to and feel that there is a scope for improvement, remodeling living room can be your ideal option. In remodeling living room design, you can change the flooring pattern, install colorful and beautiful ceilings or simply change the furniture. However, if you're running a little short on budget and don't wish to make major changes, you can consider changing the colors and the lighting of your room.

Following are some important tips on how to go about deciding the color and lighting for remodeling living room:

Living Room Colors:

Colors tend to evoke a strong emotional response. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential for you to choose the colors that truly reflect your personality. If your living room doesn't boast of a large space, go for bright colors when remodeling living room walls. It's important for you to understand the psychology of colors. Remember, the color wheel tends to have two sides, namely cool and warm. While warm colors add warmth and coziness to a space, cool colors exude a smooth airiness, ensuring an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

If you want your living room to exude a sense of coolness and calmness, choosing the right shade of blue would be a good decision. Golden and yellow shades tend to enliven a living room by giving it a cheerful, vibrant look. You should also take into account the natural lighting and the color of the furniture when deciding the wall colors of your living room.

Minimalist Living Room with Red Color Design

Living Room Lighting:

When remodeling living room, you cannot overlook the lighting part. Lighting does much more than illuminating your room. It plays a decisive role in enhancing the beauty of your interiors. Besides, lighting fixtures tend to highlight the living room wall colors.

Modern Living Room Lighting Fixtures

Based on your budget and the requirements of your living room, you can have wall sconces, hanging fixtures, floor lamps or table lamps installed. Hanging fixtures like pendent lamps and chandeliers can provide a decorative touch in your living room and add real depth to it. You can also consider installing globe-shaped paper lamps, which are inexpensive and unobtrusive, but can enhance the look of your room.

Wall sconces can act as perfect decorative accents when places on either side of a piece of art or simply a mirror. However, sconces may not provide you with a sufficient amount of light to cover the entire room and you may need other sources of light too. You can also consider using mix-n-match of different types of lights to get the right mix of lighting for your room. For instance, to get the right mix of ambient and task light, you can consider using floor lamps and table lamps together along with sconces and/ or overhead light.

Living room can be the busiest area of your home. Hence, it is important that your living room breathes life into your home atmosphere and exudes an aura of positivity. Therefore, it is recommended that when implementing remodeling living room ideas, you do it with enthusiasm and deep understanding. Only by Remodeling living room, you can defiantly change the look of the entire house and get an appreciation from your friends and relatives.

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