Effective Vastu Tips for Home

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Vastu tips for home basically aids us in designing home in a way which allows us to have a continuous flow of positive energy. Vastu Shastra for Home is purely related to the natural elements, like the directions, sun, air and water. Sun, we know is purely the source of energy for our solar system. Air is another source of energy, more or less, governed by Sun. Directions also provide us energy in the form of magnetic field. Water or Hydro Energy is on the same line and so, brings forth, how Vastu Tips for Home is directly related to different energies.

 Vastu Tips for Healthy Home can really help you if your home lacks positive energy and can be instrumental in bringing a serene ambience and prosperity to your home. Following are a few tips which can make your home Vastu friendly in simple steps.

Inspiring Decor:

The most important step required to bring positivity into the home, is to incorporate inspiration. Whether, it is any object or photograph, any poster or beautiful scenery that reminds you to stay positive, you must use them into your decor. Religiously, avoid the pictures with negative emotions like war and death.

Color Choice:

Selecting a correct color for your walls plays a key role in home décor. Use natural colors like white, blue, green and yellow to bring positivity in your home. Using such palettes also maintains peace in the family by stirring positive emotions in each family member. It is recommended not to use black, as it is a symbol of distraction and calamities.


Open blinds during the day and let natural air and light comes your way. The touch of nature brings positivity in your home. It provides an ambience that makes you feel relax and thus, ensures great success and prosperity in your life. Opening the doors to natural light is one of the best ways to enhance positivity in home.

Use of mirrors:

According to Vastu Shastra for Home, use of mirrors in your décor brings good luck for all family members and especially for newly wedded couple. Make sure not to put mirrors opposite to your bed as mirrors reflect and multiply energy, therefore, they should be positioned very carefully.

Use of Pyramids:

Vastu Tips for Home also suggest installing Vastu Pyramids in your home as Vastu pyramids harmonize the negative energies into positive energy.

Home décor is not just cleaning and arranging your furniture, but it is a way to bring the positive energy in your home. Different colors and fragrance candles can be lit for warm and positive energy. Employing these simple Vastu Tips for Healthy Home, any house can attract health, happiness and prosperity.

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