Fire Safety for Your Dream Home

By Ghar Builder

Fire Safety for Your Dream Home

Everybody needs a safe place to live. Whether it is your home or office, various safety measures and devices are required for you and your family. There is a need of great care from any mishap from fire, smoke or electricity supply. Fire alarm system is one of the most essential safety system required for safety from any damage or harm caused from fire.

How fire alarm systems work?

Most of the fire alarm systems work in a simple manner - they are heat detectors, smoke detectors or fire detection system. These fire detection and alarm systems are triggered; when a fire is detected, a sound of fire alarm tells everybody in home about the danger. These alerts help you to save yourself and your family. You can protect your home and belongings from further damage caused by the fire. Home fire alarms are equipped with blinking lights for people who have hearing problems.These fire protection systems are not very costly but are very essential needs in homes and offices.These alarm systems are installed at the time of electrical fittings in your home. You can choose amongst various types of fire alarms.

Commonly Used Fire Alarms

Smoke Alarms are the most common types of fire alarms. They are actually designed to detect smoke and not fire. It is an old saying, "when there's smoke; there's fire"? This principle is used in these gas alarms. There are two types of smoke alarms: Photoelectric Smoke Alarm and Ionization Smoke Alarm.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm "sees" the smoke. This fire alarm device is a response to the type of fire that gives out a lot of smoke. This fire alarm is slightly more expensive than ionization alarm. Another fire detection and suppression includes Ionization Smoke Alarm that detects the invisible particles caused by combustion. This type of alarm system "feels" the smoke. It detects flaming fires with no visible smoke. However, such fire detection and alarm systems are not placed in the kitchen, or any other firework place, otherwise, it will cause false alarm. Photoelectric Smoke Alarm contains a bit of radioactive material, so, be careful, if you are thinking to use it in your house.


Install these fire alarm systems and protect your lovely house from the danger of fire.


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