Interesting kid’s room design ideas

By Ghar Builder


Kid's room interior design should be a reflection of bright and cheerful childhood with interesting ideas. The room is your child's personal territory where he studies, plays, sleeps and most importantly grows. Thus, the kid's room design should possess a cheery mood and positive ambience, which you can artfully create with wall paint designs.


Dull and subdued colors are a strict "no" for kid's room design. Every color has a personality and mood like yellow brings cheerfulness and red is for zeal, orange is a versatile lively shade where as green represents calm and serene. Involve your child in selecting the color for wall painting design as the room should reflect his taste. You can also employ the customary gender specific colors, blues for cute boys and pinks for your little pretty girl.

More than color

A smart kid's room wall paint idea would be to reach beyond ordinary colors. Use the striking magnetic or chalk board colors, something your child can play with. You can also create an intriguing wall painting with the glow in dark or glitter paints.

Wall stickers

The kids today have created another world with the cartoon characters which they relate with and consider their closest friends. Bring these friends home by adding cartoon stickers to the kid's room interiors. Let your child share his room with the Ben10 alien force or the sweet persona of Barbie, to enjoy his fantasy world to the fullest.

Mystical Murals

Murals are an immensely popular kid's room wall art idea which can be employed very easily. These are huge pictures to adorn the walls which can be either bought or painted at home. Available in vast selection these wall paintings transport your child to an exciting adventure. Be it the deep forests with his favourite animals, or underwater picture featuring colorful water life, murals imparts a stimulating touch to the kid's room.


Many children, especially the little ones are amused with the letterings in their wall painting design. With this wall paint idea, you can deliver a personal touch to the room. Your child would love to have his name or his favourite poem or simple "mummy loves you" on his wall.

Let your child explore

Allow one wall as a unique wall paint design by letting your child free with colors and brush. Let him splash his creativity out and believe me, this little inexpensive trick would be a master piece.

Your thoughts? (They inspire us!)

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