Living Room Decoration Ideas

The living room is certainly the most lived in room of the house. It is the face of the house, the place where we entertain our guests and thus it calls for an exclusive decoration. A large space enjoys plethora of ideas but the qualms arise while decorating a small living room. And though restrained with space you would like your modest space to look appealing and spacious, exquisite yet functional. Here, I share with you some living room decorating ideas which would certainly garner appreciated glances from your guests.

Living Room

Color with Care

Colors can create a dramatic effect, so while decorating a small living room use soft colors of same depth. If you are using light blue complement it with light green. Don’t forget the ceiling has a color too. The contemporary home decorating favors ceiling with a shade darker than the walls, for a tall and airy impression.

Cool Curtains

Long and flowing curtains are a must for trendy living room decoration. Hang your curtains highest possible to create a tall feeling. For decorating a small living room the flowing white curtain is the winning idea. Of course the virgin color is difficult to maintain but it imparts a very spacious and bright ambience with all the natural light seeping through.

Living Room

Shrink the furniture

Leave those tempting grand sofas for the larger living spaces. For decorating a small living room select sleek and streamlined furniture. Pick a limited number of no frill furniture pieces occupying minimum floor area. The new home decorating trend is condo furniture. Designed for the shrunken condo spaces these furniture designs are suitably compact and highly functional. Bring together a couple of smart ‘apartment couches’ and inviting reclining chairs to create a warm and inviting living room decoration.

Living Room

Increase the space

Yes we know limited space is the problem. But employing huge mirrors and fine reflective surfaces you can create large visual effect. Place the mirror close to the sofa or bring together assortment of mirrors to make them appear huge. Don’t forget to place the mirrors tracing the roof, as the vertical lines augment the tall look.

Living Room

Focal point

Enhance your living room decoration with a focal point. Whether a striking wall art adorning a barren wall or a large antique mirror, a single focal point will bring style to your home decorating and will not make it look over stuffed.

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