Simple Methods to Finish a Wall in Textured Concrete

Interior home finishes, along with home interior paint, play a key role in creating a surface that is not only pleasing to the eye but also structurally sound. One of the most popular and feasible interior home finishes involves applying a layer of textured concrete. This would require you to place the concrete covering onto a stable and clean surface and then carefully spread a layer of the material, which can be textured as per your desire.

 Following tips will help you in executing one of the finest interior home finishes:
•Firstly, properly clean the surface of the walls using a pH-neutral cleanser. Remove all kinds of dirt from the walls with a scrub brush. Don’t forget to check for cracks in the wall of debris and scrape the cracks using a wire brush. Thereafter, inject a joint repair sealant into the cracks in such a way that it becomes even with the surrounding wall surface. Use a putty knife to scrape the surface of the sealant and allow it to dry for around 24 hours.

•Take an appropriate amount of surface bonding cement in a large bucket and make a paste using an electric drill equipped with a mixer. Cement would be one of the most important wall finishes interior design material.

•Use a damp sponge to wet the surface of the walls. Thereafter, using a steel trowel spread the cement evenly along the surface. Now smoothen the surface of the applied cement by wetting a clean steel trowel.

•The next step would require you to texture the surface of the covering. Modern wall interior finishes have the ability to transform even the most ordinary looking walls into the ones that would guarantee a second look. Hence, choose a texturing that does justice to your home décor. One of the popular texturing processes involves pressing the flat of the trowel randomly onto the surface of the cement layer and creating a series of the desired shapes. You can also consider using a stiff brush to stipple the surface, thereby creating a random brushed texture.


•Now step back and evaluate the textured effect; see whether it has come out the way as you had wanted it to. Remember, wall finishes interior design should be such that it produces a soothing effect on your senses and livens up the home atmosphere. If the textured effect hasn’t shaped up well, you can change the texture by simply smoothen the surface by using a trowel and then texturing the surface again.

•After obtaining the texturing effect, cover the walls with the curing blankets. Ensure that the blankets do not come in contact of the concrete for about 48 hours. Use a series of tacks to attach the blankets to the ceiling. Lastly, carefully remove the curing blankets and allow the curing process to be completed for the time suggested by the bonding cement manufacturer.

You can obtain the Interior finishes and materials required to obtain a textured surface at your local hardware store. Finishing a wall in a textured concrete has become one of the choicest modern home finishes. A layer of textured concrete would not only provide a pleasantly looking surface but also add insulation to your wall. With interior home finish, you not only make your home look good but also improve its structural quality that pays all through your life.

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