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Vastu for Kitchen Design calls for great attention to even the minute details as it is part of the house harboring various kinds of energies. It is imperative to balance these energies in your kitchen to attract prosperity, peace and good health of the family members.

Here, we will share the basic principles of Vastu Guidance for Kitchen imbibing which you can enhance the wealth and harmony of your home.

• According to Vastu for Kitchen, direction of the kitchen should always be in the southeast or northwest directions of the house. Placing kitchen in the north east can lead to unnecessary quarrels, unrest and misunderstanding amongst the family members, along with wastage of money and tensions.

• Fire, one of the most prominent elements should be placed in either South East or North West corners of the kitchen.

• Vastu for Kitchen Direction suggests the entrance to be in the North, East or North East. Also, ensure that the door opens in the clockwise direction. The largest window of your kitchen should always open towards east, to allow the brilliance of sun light inside.

• The person cooking the food should be facing east at the same time the stove should not be visible from outside.

• Vastu strictly recommends separating the fire and water by placing the stove ideally in the South East and the kitchen sink and drinking water in the north east directions.

• There should be no leaking taps, and the taps should not be fitted in the two corners of the kitchen counter.

• Vastu Guidance for Kitchen has special places for the electronic appliances as well, for instance the refrigerator should be in the northwest or south west, microwave in south east and the exhaust fan in the east wall.

• There should never be any storage area above the cooking stove. The attics should be south and west directions and never in north and east.

• Avoid using black, grey and blue color in the kitchen. As per the Vastu for kitchen color, the orange, green and lemon yellow color very auspicious, as they are associated with the fire element.

• There should never be a toilet door facing the kitchen.

Employing the basic principles of Vastu for kitchen design, you can truly transform your life and make it healthy and full of positive energy. Vastu is a time proven key to bring the desired changes into your life!

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