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Do you want to give an all new contemporary look to your house? Wondering how you can do that? Well, you should try the latest trend in the market – steel. You can make your interiors look modern and stylish by adding a touch of steel in the doors, cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen and what not. The shiny and smooth finish of steel makes it a superb material for home décor. Steel doors are available in different styles, shapes, designs and variety in the market. The coating on steel makes them rust free, durable and shiny for years. They are very durable and retain their look for a long time. These doors possess great strength and can also be polished to revive their look. Doors made of steel do not rust, corrode or change color. They might deceive you in showcasing their strength with their shiny and stylish appearance, but steel doors are quite secure and strong.

Various designs and types of doors made of steel are available in the market. Different types of coating are done on steel to give it different looks. Some types of steel finish available in the market are:

  • Satin finish steel door
  • Steel fire door
  • Solid panel steel door
  • Steel blast door
  • Ethnic steel door


All these steel finish are used to produce beautiful designs and motifs. Floral motifs, religious motifs, geometrical designs etc are made in steel by using different kinds of polish on steel.

Steel doors are extremely durable and safe. These are becoming popular for use in homes as well as offices. Steel gives a contemporary and unique look which is also suitable for use in corporate world. Steel can be easily molded into any shape or design. This quality of the metal is making it a rage all over the home interior industry. Moreover, steel doors save the maintenance charges as they do not get affected by termites, moisture and corrosion unlike wooden doors which are prone to termites and moisture. Due to these problems, wooden doors require frequent maintenance and prevention methods against termites. Steel doors are the latest trend and the most durable ones in the market


Steel offers an impressive 90 minutes fire ratings, making it unparallel in security and safety.

Moisture is a great cause of problem in wooden doors and cabinets. Moisture causes wood to degrade and chirp off. This phenomenon doesn't occur with steel. You can be tension free when you are using steel. It doesn't get affected by moisture. Steel doors are also popular these days because they are very strong and prove to be the best enemy of thieves and intruders. They cannot be cut or penetrated easily. Steel doors are indeed a safe, secure and stylish way to protect and adorn your home.

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