Tips to Design Your Kitchen

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A well-designed kitchen can be the hub of a neatly done up house. Comprising of all the modern electric appliances, modern kitchen should be neatly stacked and designed to ensure faster and healthier cooking experience. The idea of having a contemporary and stylish outlay boasting of a dynamic design is something that excites many homeowners; however, many a time factors such as budget concerns and space constraints dent one's hopes of having a lavish kitchen.

If you also desire to make your kitchen look more sophisticated and classy, but don't have the budget to seek the services of a professional interior designer, following essential kitchen designs tips would lay your worries to rest:.

Kitchen Cabinets:

If your kitchen does not have a large space, you can opt for a fixed kitchen cabinet, as it would use the available space with nicety. You can consider sprucing up the overall look though by including an occasional, free standing piece to make a personal statement to a fitted kitchen.

As for the cabinet material, you can go for cool frosted cupboard fronts in green or pale blue glass with steel handles. If you wish to create a sleek, sophisticated look, you can consider using stainless steel for units and cabinet fronts.


When planning the lighting part of the kitchen you should remember that this is one place where adequate lighting is a must. This is because, in kitchen, chances are that your work starts at dawn and ends after sunset. Incandescent lights and halogen lights are two of the most commonly used ones. Incandescent lights are relatively less expensive and come in a host of sizes and shapes. In addition, they are easy to install and complement suitably with the other types of lighting fixtures. However, if you plan to use a more energy-efficient option, choosing halogen lights can prove to be a better option. You can consider using xenon lights for your cabinet. If your family has dinner in the kitchen, installing chandelier fixtures and pendant lights can be a smart idea.


All types of modern kitchen designs lay emphasis on the importance of choosing the right countertop. This is because a countertop is usually the busiest part of your kitchen, where the majority of the activity would take place. Therefore, the countertop you choose should be such that it is able to withstand grease, dampness, heat, cuts and corrosive products. Based on your requirement and budget, you can choose a countertop made of Granite, Laminate, Wooden, Stainless Steel or Marble.


By choosing the right kitchen flooring, you can enhance the look of your kitchen significantly. You would need to install flooring before installing any type of equipment or appliance. Besides considering the cost and appearance of the kitchen flooring, you should take into account other factors such as the ease of installation and removal of the flooring and its endurance. Following are some of the options you have with regard to kitchen flooring:

  • Bamboo flooring
  • Cork Flooring
  • Linoleum Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Laminated Flooring
  • Kitchen Flooring Tiles
  • Kitchen Flooring Tiles
  • Hardwood Flooring

Remember, you shouldn't blindly follow any of the popular kitchen designs to give a trendy look to your kitchen. Choose the kitchen furniture and other accessories wisely only after considering your requirement and the space and budget constraints. The kitchen design you opt for should be such that it not only gives good value for money but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen. With the selected tips to Design Your Kitchen, shared here you can easily transform your cooking place in a stylish avatar.

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