Trendy ideas for Modular kitchen designs and decoration

By Ghar Builder


Modern kitchen designs have given a complete facelift to the outdated and conventional kitchens. Unlike the faded white rooms of the past, the kitchen interior design today speaks volumes about the taste and personality of the owner. A wide array of elements like creative designing, attractive color scheme and modular set up blends perfectly to compel modern kitchen ideas. Kitchen interiors must flow with the theme of the entire home decor.

Attractive and convenient

Modern kitchen interior design is characterized with creative designing which is high on aesthetics as well as functionality. The dreary yellows and white are giving way to more vibrant and theme oriented colors. Red and gold rustic, cheery chic and subtle contemporary are the leading modern kitchen color of the time. The core elements of modern kitchen are,

Modular Kitchens

Modular structure is the key feature in modern kitchen design. Modular kitchen consists of various modules or cabinets employed to increase the storage space and organize your kitchen. You can find numerous options in the cabinets compiling with different kitchen interiors and taste. From various patterns like basket, pull outs, magic corner, cabinets allow free flow of kitchen interior with countless styles and colors. Doors, hinges and knobs, all extend in such a diverse variety that by altering a single element you can transform the entire kitchen interior design. The modular kitchens are the call of the day when the living spaces are shrinking and fast track life style necessitates organization and high functional quotient. Modular set up makes even a small kitchen design very appealing and spacious.

Kitchen Counter Tops

Another element possessing a key place in kitchen interior design is kitchen counter tops. Indian modern kitchen design currently favors five types of kitchen tops granite, marble, concrete, steel and tiled. Few designers also prefer glass counter tops which though slightly difficult to maintain, look exceptionally elegant. You can also create an ultra modern kitchen interior design by mixing different counter top materials. For the main counter, you can use granite and highlight your island with glass. By simply using your imagination in Modular kitchen designs and decoration, you can design your kitchen as per the contemporary trends and enhance its functional value and style.

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