Vastu Tips For Living Room

By Ghar Builder


According to Vastu for living room, it should ideally be located in the north or east of the house. The location of the living room is basically contingent on the face of the plot. For any north or east facing plot the best living room Vastu direction would be north east. If the plot is facing west or south directions, the living room should be in the northwest or southeast respectively.

Color scheme-

Vastu for living room colors recommends light and soothing colors on the wall. The best color selection would be white, blue green and yellow. The black and red colors are advised to be ignored as they might create a distraction with their stirring energy. The wall colors should be relaxing and different from the shade of the ceiling.

Furniture -

As per the living room vastu direction the heavy furniture and showcases should be placed in the west or the south directions. If you are opting for the Indian style arrangement, the furniture should be settled in the north, east and west directions. For the most auspicious vastu for living room always buy rectangular or square furniture designs and resist the tempting circular, triangular or egg shaped patterns. The head of the family should always sit in the east or north direction.

Electric appliances-

 The TV should be avoided in the northeast or southwest corner. Rather the most suitable direction for TV would be the southeast. According to the vastu tips for living room AC and coolers would be best suited in the west or north directions and never to be placed in the southeast or northwest corners. Telephone would contribute in generating positive vibrations when placed in the east, north or southeast and never the northwest or southwest. All the electronic gadgets should be strategically placed to derive their power from the east of southeast.


 adorn your living space beautifully with auspicious vastu interior for living room. Decorate the north east corners with the portraits of Gods and waterfalls where as the stuffed animals should be placed in the northwest corners. The paintings of, war, birds, death or violence should be avoided as it creates negative energies.

 Water fountains and fish aquariums can be used to attract positive energy in the living room. Water as a vital element should be strategically placed in the north, in the form of small water fountains. According to Vastu tips for living room fountains constructed of natural material like copper, stone, glass, clay and bamboo are considered very favorable. You can also enhance the vastu interior for living room with a small aquarium harboring seven red and gold fishes and two black fishes placed in the north corner of the house.

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