Like the bedroom, bathroom is also an exclusively private place, allowing you to daydream, plan or just laze about in peace. According to your mood, the bathroom interior design should also reflect that comfort, ease and peace of mind that you desire. Décor for bathroom should be minimalist, with space-saving modular cabinets and racks to hold your linen, toiletries and daily usable. The bathroom interior decoration depends a lot on the kind of lighting used, for bathroom is also used for intricate personal grooming, and hence requires very strong lighting. Modern bathroom interior designing ideas advocate an abundance of natural lighting within the bathroom, reducing the use of energy-consuming artificial lighting.

Space-saving modular cabinets can also be fitted with high-polish mirrored exteriors to ensure maximum brightness and reflection of light. Bathroom design could be futuristic and modern, featuring glazed glass, chrome and general metallic overtones. Fittings from Kohler, Jaguar and Parryware make high-sheen vitreous surfaces for bathroom fittings and plumbing. However, if old school elegance is your thing, you can prefer wood-polish surface design, with ornate sanitary-ware and extensive use of glass and porcelain. Bathroom interiors need to be done in paler, brighter shades too, to ensure a cheerful and bright personal space!

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