Kitchen is often considered the most active and lively place in the whole house. Cooking is considered as an ideal way to pamper yourself. A proper kitchen design not only brightens your mood but also reduces your task to a great extent. If you are bored of your kitchen design or find it difficult to carry out your day to day cooking activity due to poor design, having a kitchen makeover is a better idea.

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When one plans on renovating their kitchen, they should consider following steps:-

Prevent space wastage:

While designing the kitchen, care has to be taken to prevent wastage of any space and complete utilization of every corner of the kitchen. Installing long cabinets for small kitchen, providing proper space for mixers and juicers with power access, using cabinet and closed shelves to place your food stuffs based on priority for their usage, etc. are considered as important factors for a kitchen design.

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Choosing an ideal design:

In India, Kitchen designs mostly follow the standard L-shaped or U-shaped pattern. L-shaped designs provide proper working area on the 2 sides of the room whereas the third side occupies a small dining table in most cases. A U-shaped design provides optimal utilization of the working area but is usually preferred for a large square feet area.

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Easy accessibility:

While designing a kitchen proper location for the sink, stove and the refrigerator should be considered. Designers often consider these three areas of prime importance in the kitchen and call them as the kitchen Triangle. Unrestricted access to the kitchen triangle is a must and at the same time, adequately placed to prevent crumbling of the work area.

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Modular kitchen

Modular kitchen modules includes sink, chimney, cabinets, shutters, shelves, pull-out units etc. A huge blend of colours are available in modular kitchen fitting ranging from basic colors to other modern day colors. The colorful patterns and designs of modular kitchen give a stylish look. Designs like table and chairs are also included if the kitchen is large enough. Due to these properties, modular kitchen has become a necessity of every homemaker these days. One of the major advantage of modular kitchen is that you can pack it in boxes and can fit again in your new kitchen. It can also be easily repaired. These modular kitchen fittings can be easily cleaned and hence save your valuable energy and time.

Proper lightening:

Many builders in India prefer placement of kitchen in east or southeast direction. One of the important factors considered in the design is optimum sunlight during the day. It is important to have a direct lightening for the main working area as it aids in proper cooking and prevents any sort of injury while using sharp objects, etc.

Proper kitchen design should include extensive space utilization, free working area, and proper ventilation. One can seek help from the designers, who offer renovating your kitchen using less budget and different innovative ideas.


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