Balcony Railings

The right balcony railing not only secures your balconies or staircase structurally, but also adds a dignified, classy appeal to your home. While choosing the right fence for your balcony, terrace or pool-side, the most popular options are wrought iron, highly-polished wood and stainless steel. Despite the sheen and vintage elegance of wood, it’s propensity to corrode and flake makes customers choose wrought iron railings and steel balustrades over it. Within popular balustrades, steel offers great support and timeless elegance, while not requiring regular maintenance hassles. Because of their exterior nature, balconies are subjected to the maximum amount of weathering and humidity, which naturally makes the resilience of steel tough to match. In India, balcony railings designs generally include spiral grooves, angular designs and elegant abstract motifs.

For those who want a splash of elegance into their regular house, most balcony railings suppliers offer a detailed catalogue of extremely elegant curves and styles. Metallica India, De Metallo and Ankit Décor are some of the better known balcony railings suppliers that offer a great balance between quality and economy. Be it the lustre of polished wood, the muted elegance of wrought iron or the elegance of steel, choosing the right balcony railings in India can work wonders for your home.

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