Staircase Railings

Staircase railings are usually strong balustrades that give an ornate beauty to the staircase, as well as structural support. The more irregularly curved or spiralling the staircase becomes, the more the staircase railings designs have to be structurally efficient. These designs may range from timeless classics in design elements like solid shapes and geometric patterns, or floral/natural motifs or even abstract shapes. Usually, staircase railings cost a decent amount, but knowing exactly what material to get can greatly reduce annual maintenance costs for modern staircase railings. Staircase railings of wrought iron are available in beautiful shapes, and can provide great structural support. However, its beautifully matte-black body is often prone to rust and corrosion, and might become weaker in the longer run. Staircase railings in wood polishes are also a popular choice, but without adequate coatings and regular maintenance, they soon lose their lustre and integrity. In fact, many staircase railings with modern wooden designs have been known to fall prey to damp-patches, termite-damage and moulds due to improper maintenance. During the staircase railing installation, one must carefully consider the practical utility of choosing wrought iron over wood, taking into account maintenance cost, initial investment, structural integrity and of course, its sheer beauty design!

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