Window Grills

What use is a beautiful façade, if it’s not structurally secured against burglars, thieves and other unauthorized entries? Window grills not only provide the essential safety and security for your house, but Stainless Steel Window Grills can actually enhance the shine, glamour and elegance of your windows! With the assured durability, strength and timeless appeal of the smooth steel body, SS window grills weather inclement climates to give your windows near-fortress protection. Stainless steel balcony grills and compound grills, despite their exterior nature, never require heavy maintenance and re-polishing. These grills are rust and corrosion-resistant, and free from most structural anomalies.

However, most of these stainless steel grills don’t just serve your needs for absolute security, as the natural shine and lustre on them also enhance the house-façade. Steel, or even Aluminium Compound Grills (lighter than steel) have rather high initial costs, but they often come in extremely interesting shapes and forms, with an undeniable design element. The malleability of both these metals allows them to take a wide array of designs and shapes. So, if you would want the perfect blend of functional design and impeccable security, there are a number of suppliers and exporters right inside India who’d give you rather economical quotes on these railings.

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