A window is a vented barrier secured in a wall opening. The function of the window is to admit light and air in to the building and to give a view of the outside. A window consists of two parts :-

  • Window frame, secured to the wall opening with the help of hold fasts
  • Window shutter, held in position by the window frame

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  • FIXED WINDOWS These windows are provided for the sole purpose of admitting light and providing vision in the room. The window consists of a window frame to which shutters are fixed. The shutters are fully glazed.
  • PIVOTED WINDOWS in these windows, the shutters are allowed to swing round the pivots, which are fixed to the window frame. The window frame has no rebates. The shutter can swing or rotate either horizontally or vertically.
  • DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS this type of window consists of a frame and a pair of shutters arranged one above the other, which can slide vertically within the grooves provided in the window frame. Each sash is provided with a pair of metal weights connected by cord or chain over
  • SLIDING WINDOWS The shutters move either horizontally or vertically on small roller bearings. Suitable openings or grooves are left in the frame or walls to accommodate the shutters when they are slided to open the window.
  • SASH WINDOWS A sash window is a type of casement window in which the panels are fully glazed.
  • LOUVERED WINDOWS Such windows are provided for the sole reason of ventilation and do not provide any vision of the outside.
  • METAL WINDOWS These windows are made of metals such as aluminum, bronze, or stainless steel. Aluminum windows are rust proof, durable, and require no maintenance and painting.
  • BAY WINDOWS It projects outside the external wall of the room. This projection may be triangular, circular, rectangular or polygonal in plan.
  • CASEMENT WINDOWS This type of window has a frame which is rebated to receive the shutters. The shutters consist of styles, top rails, bottom rails and intermediate rails, thus dividing it into panels.
  • CLERESTOREY WINDOWS These windows are provided in a room which has greater ceiling height than the surrounding rooms, or when a lean-to-roof of low height is there adjacent to the room.
  • CORNER WINDOWS This is provided in the corner of a room.
  • DORMER WINDOWS is a vertical window provided on the sloping roof. Such windows provide ventilation and lighting to the enclosed space below the roof and also improve the appearance of building.
  • GABLE WINDOWS It is a vertical window provided in the gable end of a pitched roof.
  • LANTERN WINDOWS Such windows are provided over the flat roofs to provide more lights and air to the inner apartment of a building.
  • SKYLIGHTS Is provided on a sloping roof, to admit light. The window projects above the top sloping surface. They run parallel to the sloping surface.
  • VENTILATORS have a frame and a shutter, generally glazed, which is horizontally pivoted. The shutter can be opened or closed by means of two cords, one attached to the top rail and other to the bottom.
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